A Bizarre Universe Update Log & Patch Notes

Everything you need to know about the latest A Bizarre Universe updates. The complete A Bizarre Universe Update Log & Patch notes! New content, bug fixes, balance fixes, and improvements!

A Bizarre Universe Update Log & Patch Notes

This post will provide the complete Roblox A Bizarre Universe update log and patch notes taken from the official A Bizarre Universe Discord Server and Trello. A Bizarre Universe is a Roblox fighting game inspired by the popular series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, where you can fight enemies and bosses and complete quests using powerful Fighting Styles and Stand Abilities.

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12/01/2022 Patch Notes

-new rollable stand body
-3 new rollable stand color pallets
-1 new uncommon move
-carrying removed, now you can only carry injured workers OR people in ranked
-fixed prestige boss using moves that aren't yours
-must be in group to use codes now
-leaderboard can be toggled with tab key now
-cant be hit while using road roller anymore
-king punch deals more damage if ur standless and less if u have a stand
-king punch drains ur boxing bar completely now
-stand barrages no longer move u forward
-can no longer timestop people who are in safe zone
-raigo rocks go away faster
-fixed not being able to m1 with permanent umbrella
-hamon skills/m1s burn vampires now
-new stand names added to the name roller

11/26/2022 Patch Notes

-road roller flings opponent farther and has more iframes and more range +Reason: Was still bad for a rare

-Rage cooldown increased but u heal a bit more +Reasons: The cooldown activates when your in the mode, which made it spamable

-Energy spear wind up slight decrease , slow removed after its fired , more damage +Reasons: Underwhelming + Easy to dodge

-Tree Grow no longer slows u down +Reasons: It had endlag and u cant really combo off it

-Gates of Babylon: damage increase

-Quick Attack: hitbox better? not sure, and i made it do better damage +Reasons: Hits nothing, useless

-Uppercut to the moon: Wind up decreased, damage increased, slows down less, hitbox range up +Reasons: Just really bad, and flings the person too far for the low damage, had less range than surface inversion punch

-Gravity Shift: Range Increase, But damage decreased as well as cooldown  +Reasons Misleading move

-Memory Disc: Does damage, more range, lowered cooldowned +Reasons: Trash, disables move but doesnt really matter

-Landmines is now a rare

11/23/2022 Patch Notes

-Acid Spit knocks back on hit and does more damage, shorter duration, stronger hitbox, +Reasons: Was useless and makes person a sitting duck 

-Magma fist cooldown decrease from 25 to 17, base damage increase from 17 to 22 +Reasons: Its fast but the damage is extremely lack luster for the cooldown duration 

-Road roller Base damage from 34 to 38, radius range from 14 to 20, cooldown decreased slightly.Also it flings back now when hitting someone, so u can get punished for missing. + Reasons: Sitting Duck,Bad hitbox
[4:20 AM]
-Tree grow downslams, damage 20 to 15+ Reasons: Move had nothing going for it other than taking up a slot 

-Surface invert: 15 to 20 damage, hitbox range increased from 7 to 8,cooldown increased from 15 to 20. After ur flung the character is automatically down slammed and takes damage 
+Reason: Underwhelming, this move can be cancelled and does low damage and flings ur opponent far to regen, also very hard to land 

-Gates of babylon , Cooldown decrease from 20 to 15, Base damage from 2 to 5 , Removed slowness from the move +Reasons: useless for a rare, sometimes wouldnt do any damage to someone 

-Ground-Smash: Range is higher 10 to 16. The range didnt match the effect, does slightly more damage +Reasons: Was basically just watered down Stomp 

-Gem Cut cooldown decreased to 20 from 25 +Reasons: Not waiting 25 seconds for 30 damage

-Rage: A bit more iframes on the start now, duration is increased more from 25 to 30, can be used mid stun, knocks anybody nearby back. +Reasons:  Doesn't change the state of the battle, very underwhelming

-Stomp: IFrames when u connect a hit, and slight trajectory increase. +Reasons: Melee mains need a move that is atleast very mobile

-Knives damage increased 5 to 8, Cooldown decreased 20 to 15 but doesnt block break at the end. Ranged increase +Reasons: Move is severly trapping and super pressuring, was a auto aim guard break 

-Energy Spear:  Now Down slams +Reasons: Very slow move starting move
-Bomb placement: damage from 25 to 30, u no longer are slowed down when placing the bomb, and ur animation doesnt play

-Atmosphere: More burn damage +Reason: low damage

11/20/2022 Patch Notes

-new m1 anims
-new m2 anim
-item tracker shows full location of where item is when spawned
-fixed prestige boss map staying causing lag
-mods have ban perms now to ban exploiters

11/19/2022 Patch Notes

List of things added since the last stress test:
-Stand Prestige System
-Ranked 1s and 2s
-New moves
-Ultimate Bar for ult moves
-New items
-New Stand parts
-Stand Arrow confirmation button before using it
-Stand arrow crashing fixed
-Mobile Support (subject to updates)

11/5/2022 Patch Notes

-1 new uncommon skill
-casino prices lowered to $350/$3500
-fixed dimension gunner
-tornado no longer sends people in air
-vampires no longer burn in loading screen
-fixed special arrows spawning in the same place
-raigo colored to your stand, size scales with range stat now
-random stat increase now adds to your spent points
-skill removal orb resets ur skill cards
-fixed orbs not working
-fixed stand locker

11/3/2022 Patch Notes

-color reroll arrow
-timestop damage cap
-buffed magma fist and magma rain
-fixed uncap orb deleting ur tool twice
library and shop swapped places too btw
library placeholder ubt you can still do the quest
-forcefields on spawn
-casino roll items raised
-bosses have longer respawn cds
-some quest rewards increased
-fixed gates of bablyon being able to be used more than once
-nerfed vampire rgeen again
-fixed hp getting messed up if u had a style

11/2/2022 Patch Notes

-buying a skill now immediately takes your cash, instead of taking it when you pick a skill
-coin toss now aimable to your mouse
-erasure pull cd
-glacier size scaling with range reduced
-amount of gem splashes shot and glass shards shot and plunder bubbles shot reduced
-fixed being able to use sheer heart attack twice and made it blockbreak
-lightning cloud cd increased
-zombify now has a max amount of people you can turn into zombies
-can no longer zombify injured workers

11/1/2022 Patch Notes

-npcs no longer aggro to you if you grip an npc
-fixed amount of suspicious man npcs being created to lag servers
-fixed style removal orb
-can no longer use stand arrow in comba
-fixed skill prices being messed up sometimes
-fixed not receiving skills due to low potential stat
-lowered vamp regen scaling
-u dont lose umbrella when u manually reset now

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