7DS Grand Cross Tier List

We all agree that Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a great mobile game. Both the gameplay and the characters make it worth playing again and again. Because that's the case, we're going to rank it here, as we do with many games that feature dozens of different characters. Welcome to the 7DS Grand Cross Tier List.

Below we compile a list of all the characters from the 7DS. Since it's difficult to rank characters in a game played by millions of players, we've done a general strength rating. Since the 7DS mobile game is constantly evolving and updating, we'll update this list whenever there's a major new addition. This is the list as of March 2022.

Before you get to the Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List, you can take a look at the codes you need to open the secret box. You can find the current 7DS secret codes here.

Image Credit: Seven Deadly Sins, Netmarble
Image Credit: Seven Deadly Sins, Netmarble

Grand Cross Tier List

Since each character's stats are different, you should choose the most suitable character according to your own play style. This can be a bit more difficult than you think. So first try to get one of the highest ranked characters. Even if she/he doesn't quite fit your playstyle, her/his strength will make up for it.

As in all our tier list guides, we go from strongest to weakest in the 7DS character tier list. Especially if you want to play the game for a long time, it makes sense not to spend time with characters at level B and lower.


We start the Grand Cross tier list with the best characters in the game. Owning one of these characters should be your first big goal on the 7DS. Thanks to their different abilities, they'll strengthen you a lot. Once you own one of these characters, you'll be able to save up the resources you've to improve them even more.

Purgatory BanStrengthRed
Pacifier Fiend ChandlerSpeedBlue
Napping Reaper CusackSpeedBlue
Holy Warrior ElizabethSpeedBlue
Invincible Avatar EscanorSpeedBlue
The Goat Sin of Lust GowtherStrengthRed
Halloween GowtherHPGreen
Hijack Gowther HPGreen
Protector King HarlequinSpeedBlue
Starry Night's Illusion LilliaSpeedBlue
Virtual Body Doubles Lostvayne MeliodasStrengthRed
Ragnarok Lostvayne MeliodasSpeedBlue
Covenant of Light LudocielSpeedBlue
Divine Protection MerlinHPGreen
The Four Archangels SarielStrengthRed
The Four Archangels TarmielSpeedBlue
Elite Demon ZeldrisStrengthRed
7DS Grand Cross SS–Tier Characters


They may not be the strongest characters in Seven Deadly Sins, but they're still strong enough for you to use throughout the game. Focus on improving each hero from this list with the resources you use. When they become strong enough, no one will be able to stand in your way. After all, we're talking about 7DS Grand Cross S-Tier heroes.

Camelot's Sword ArthurStrengthRed
Chosen King ArthurStrengthRed
Ten Commandments DerieriStrengthRed
Sweet Temptation DerieriSpeedBlue
Ragnarok DianeHPGreen
Sunny Vacation EastinHPGreen
Stranger Things ElevenSpeedBlue
RE:ZERO EmiliaSpeedBlue
Holy Knight EscanorHPGreen
The Lion Sin of Pride EscanorStrengthRed
Ashen Desire HendricksonHPGreen
Stranger Things JimStrengthRed
The Grizzly Sin of Sloth KingSpeedBlue
Sings of Maturity KingSpeedBlue
KOF 98 KyoStrengthRed
Mastermind LilliaSpeedBlue
Advent of Destruction LilliaStrengthRed
The Four Archangels LudocielSpeedBlue
Knight of Wrath MeliodasSpeedBlue
Assault Mode MeliodasHPGreen
The Boar Sin of Gluttony MerlinHPGreen
Collector MerlinStrengthRed
RE:ZERO RamStrengthRed
Halloween RoxyHPGreen
KOF 98 RugalHPGreen
Wielder of Gram SigurdStrengthRed
KOF 98 TerryStrengthRed
Magic Weapon MK-II ValentiHPGreen
Executioner ZeldrisHPGreen
7DS Grand Cross S–Tier Characters
Image Credit: Seven Deadly Sins, Netmarble
Image Credit: Seven Deadly Sins, Netmarble


When playing Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, your goal should always be to reach the characters in the first two categories. But until you reach them, you can spend time with those on this list. The average characters of the game are in the A-Tier. In some cases they'll make you happy, but don't count on it long term.

Destined Heir ArthurSpeedBlue
Light of Hope ArthurHPGreen
KOF 98 AthenaHPGreen
Guardian of Battlefield BrunhildHPGreen
Elite Demon DerieriHPGreen
The Serpent Sin of Envy DianeSpeedBlue
Creation DianeHPGreen
Halloween DianeHPGreen
Elite Demon DroleSpeedBlue
Ten Commandments DroleHPGreen
Ruler of Stormy Seas EastinSpeedBlue
Oceanic Harmonizer EastinStrengthRed
Cadet Corps Eren JaegerSpeedBlue
Elite Demon EstarossaHPGreen
Ten Commandments FraudrinHPGreen
Chivalrous GilthunderHPGreen
Elite Demon GloxiniaStrengthRed
Champion GriamoreStrengthRed
Reincarnation of Revenge HelbramStrengthRed
Tempest HowzerStrengthRed
Harlequin KingStrengthRed
KOF 98 MaiSpeedBlue
Mercenary MatronaStrengthRed
Elite Demon MelasculaStrengthRed
Beach Girl MerlinSpeedBlue
Ragnarok MerlinHPGreen
Greatest Soldier Mikasa AckermanSpeedBlue
Advent of Destruction MonoSpeedBlue
Elite Demon MonspeetHPGreen
Dungeon Raider ShinHPGreen
Halloween SlaterStrengthRed
Earthshaker ValentiHPGreen
Stranger Things WillHPGreen
Ten Commandments ZeldrisSpeedBlue
7DS Grand Cross A–Tier Characters


You may have to spend a lot of time with the characters in this category. Use them to get the job done, but then quickly move on to better ones. It doesn't make sense to invest your resources in these characters because they won't work in the long run. Since they're under-performing characters in the game, even if you separate a few of them, you can get rid of the rest.

King of Prophecies ArthurSpeedBlue
Outlaw BanSpeedBlue
Ale Collector BanSpeedBlue
RE:ZERO BeatriceSpeedBlue
The Pleiades of the Blue Sky DeathpierceHPGreen
Halloween ElaineSpeedBlue
Sweet Temptation ElaineStrengthRed
Liones ElizabethHPGreen
A New Adventure ElizabethSpeedBlue
New Legend ElizabethStrengthRed
Reverse Elizabeth & HawkSpeedBlue
Mascot Elizabeth & HawkHPGreen
Mobile Tavern Elizabeth & HawkStrengthRed
Titan Form Eren JaegerHPGreen
Ten Commandments GallandSpeedBlue
Elite Demon GallandStrengthRed
Knight of the Holy War GilthunderSpeedBlue
Rapier GuilaSpeedBlue
Knight of Ice GustafHPGreen
Forest Guardian HelbramHPGreen
Holy Knight HowzerSpeedBlue
Sweet Temptation JennaSpeedBlue
Godspeed Knight JerichoHPGreen
New Legend JerichoSpeedBlue
Knight of Frost JerichoStrengthRed
Forest Guardion KingHPGreen
Greatest Soldier LeviStrengthRed
Bringer of Disaster LilliaHPGreen
Memory Fragment LizHPGreen
Guide of Valhalla MegelldaSpeedBlue
Ten Commandments MelasculaSpeedBlue
The Dragon Sin of Wrath MeliodasStrengthRed
New Legend MeliodasHPGreen
Stranger Things MikeStrengthRed
Deathbringer MonoStrengthRed
Swift Sword NanashiSpeedBlue
Knighthood of Scraps Disposal Oslo & HawkStrengthRed
Awesome Party Oslo & HawkSpeedBlue
Midsummer Sun RoxieSpeedBlue
Mad Destroyer RoxyStrengthRed
Halloween ShinStrengthRed
Overpower SlaterSpeedBlue
Warrior of Justice ThonarHPGreen
Sunny Vacation ValentiSpeedBlue
KOF 98 YagamiHPGreen
Sweet Temptation ZaneriHPGreen
Reincarnation of Conviction ZaratrasHPGreen
7DS Grand Cross B–Tier Characters
7DS Grand Cross Tier List
Image Credit: Seven Deadly Sins, Netmarble


They're one step away from being the worst units of the 7DS. Don't be fooled by their looks and cool talent names. There's no point in wasting your resources on these characters. You can throw them away right now and at least use B-Tier characters on your way to SS-Tier.

Beard of the Mountain Cat AlioniHPGreen
The Fox Sin of Greed BanHPGreen
Nunchaku BanStrengthRed
The Six Knights of Black BellionSpeedBlue
Burning Ember CainHPGreen
Executor of Darkness CamilaStrengthRed
The Pleaides of the Azure Sky DenzelStrengthRed
Heart of the Land DianeStrengthRed
The Seven Deadly Sins DianeHPGreen
Matrona DianeSpeedBlue
Kungfu Master DianeStrengthRed
Eternal Promise DianeStrengthRed
The Pleaides of the Blue Sky DogedoStrengthRed
Omen of Chaos DreyfusStrengthRed
Break DreyfusHPGreen
Boar Hat Tavern ElizabethStrengthRed
Summer Vibes Elizabeth & HawkStrengthRed
Wings of the Sky EllatteStrengthRed
Ten Commandments EstarossaStrengthRed
Elite Demon FraudrinSpeedBlue
Memories of Three Thousand Years GerhardeHPGreen
Thunderbolt GilthunderStrengthRed
Star of the Kingdom GilthunderSpeedBlue
Ten Commandments GloxiniaHPGreen
Weird Fangs GolgiusSpeedBlue
Liones' Hero GowtherSpeedBlue
Wanted Man GowtherHPGreen
Explosion GuilaStrengthRed
Halloween GuilaHPGreen
Knighthood of Scraps Disposal HawkHPGreen
Royalty HelbramSpeedBlue
Omen of Chaos HendricksonHPGreen
Adventurer JerichoStrengthRed
New Generation JerichoSpeedBlue
Roars of Dawn JillianHPGreen
Disaster KingStrengthRed
Boom Boom Pow MarmasSpeedBlue
Fang of the Land MatronaSpeedBlue
The Seven Deadly Sins MeliodasHPGreen
Boar Hat Tavern MeliodasSpeedBlue
Halloween MeliodasStrengthRed
Infinity MerlinSpeedBlue
Tyrant of Destruction MilimSpeedBlue
Ten Commandments MonspeetStrengthRed
Ruler of Monsters RimuruSpeedBlue
Slime RimuruHPGreen
Weird Fangs RuinHPGreen
Roars of Dawn SlaterStrengthRed
Confirmation TwigoStrengthRed
Reincarnation of Obsession VivianStrengthRed
Roars of Dawn WeinheidtSpeedBlue
7DS Grand Cross C–Tier Characters


Unfortunately, the following characters have no value in the game. You can get rid of them as soon as you get them. Don't waste your resources on developing these characters.

The Pleiades of the Blue Sky ArdenSpeedBlue
Snatch BanHPGreen
Undead BanStrengthRed
Kijin BenimaruStrengthRed
The Pleiades of the Blue Sky DeldryStrengthRed
Fairy King's Forest ElaineHPGreen
Fairy of Blessings ElaineStrengthRed
Weird Fangs FriesiaSpeedBlue
Iron-Wall Knight GriamoreHPGreen
Adventurer GriamoreSpeedBlue
Melt HendricksonSpeedBlue
Star of the Kingdom HowzerSpeedBlue
Liones Royalty HowzerHPGreen
Roars of Dawn HugoHPGreen
Weird Fangs JudeStrengthRed
Protector of Dolls KingHPGreen
The Seven Deadly Sins KingSpeedBlue
Roars of Dawn SimonStrengthRed
Vaizel Fight Festival TaizooStrengthRed
7DS Grand Cross D–Tier Characters

That's it! That's all about the 7DS Grand Cross Tier List for now. If you want to play Seven Deadly Sins for a long time, you can periodically check the characters you got from this list. Remember that your goal should always be to reach SS-Tier characters. But S-Tier characters aren't bad either.

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