6 Video Games to Try If You Own a MacBook

MacBooks, despite having a negative rep among gamers, have come a long way in terms of their hardware. It also helps when more and more video game developers are trying to cover bigger demographics, and optimizing their IPs for macOS makes sense.

In other words, the days of laughing at the idea of gaming on a MacBook are over. And while there are some technical issues you can still encounter, there are more than enough sources available online to solve them, not to mention that you can rely on professional help.

Finally, it is not like MacBooks are exclusive to technical problems. Those occur on gaming laptops, custom-built PCs, or gaming consoles. 

So, the question is, what can you play on a MacBook? These computers are still not powerful enough to run AAA games on ultra settings or certain titles, period. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of great options, and that is exactly what we will cover in this article.

Path of Exile

path of exile

Dungeon crawlers are not doing too hot at the moment. Diablo and Blizzard as a whole have not been able to keep up with the demands of the current gamers, and there are some who say that the upcoming fourth installment in the Diablo franchise is doomed to fail.

Path of Exile is a good alternative if you are seeking a video game that lets you mindlessly slay hordes of enemies. As you progress in this hack and slash title, you will get new and better equipment.

PoE also has a new and improved game version coming later this year, so if you fall in love with the game, you will have something extra to look forward to.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

MMORPGs are another genre that has seen better days. Fortunately, there are still some video games keeping the community healthy and happy.

Guild Wars 2 is not your typical MMO game, especially if we are talking about gear progression. Horizontal rather than vertical gear progression might make you feel like there is very little to do in the game or that there is no real end game.

Well, it is true to some extent, but given the many activities you can do regardless of how far you are in the game, it is still worthwhile to check out Guild Wars 2.

The recently released End of Dragons expansion is also a plus, not to mention that the developers announced plans for a future expansion as well.

Guild Wars 2 is a game you can try for free. If you do not like it, you will not feel bad about wasting money on it. 

Civilization VI

Civilization VI

Chill and slow-paced video games are quite popular. Turn-based strategies are a great example of such video games, and Civilization VI is arguably one of the best at the moment.

Despite the fact that the game has been around for quite a few years, it still feels fresh and enjoyable, thanks to regular updates and expansions.

There are rumors about a new installment in the franchise, and the fans are eagerly speculating how Civilization VII will look. But for now, you should be fine with Civ VI as your go-to for turn-based games.



There are many people with different opinions when it comes to Minecraft. Some players straight up abandon the idea of playing it because of the graphics. Others, meanwhile, find it enjoyable to go around and explore the world while also channeling their creative side.

Regardless of what your thoughts are, you should still try playing Minecraft. Who knows, it might ultimately lead you to fall in love with the game, and you could end up spending more hours on Minecraft than you first thought.



Hades is considered to be the best game of the year 2020 by many. If you are looking for a title that has great characters, writing, storytelling, combat system, and soundtrack, among other aspects, then this is the game for you.

It will make even more sense to play Hades if you like Greek mythology. The references and stories borrowed from the myths are enjoyable even if you have no prior knowledge about them, but those who are familiar with the heroes, gods, and other characters will find it much easier to immerse in the world of Hades.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the blind forest

It is hard to think of a video game that does such a good job telling a story via its visuals as Ori and the Blind Forest does.

There is no real dialogue in the game, but understanding what is happening is easy because of how intuitive the whole experience is. The combat is great, and there is a notable progression system that keeps you on your toes as you take on more difficult enemies.

If you like the first game, you will definitely want to play the sequel titled Ori and the Will of the Wisps, which does everything right the first game did with some additional features.

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