5-letter words with the most vowels

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If you are looking for a great starter word for Wordle then 5-letter with the most vowels are most likely your greatest weapon. As there are only 5+1 vowels in English, A, E, I, O, U, and Y (Y is considered a consonant in literature but often pronounced as a vowel), eliminating as many of them as you can initially really helps you narrow down the correct Wordle answer.

To help you in this effort we have compiled a list of English words featuring the most vowels.

5-Letter Words With Four Different Vowels for Wordle

There are only 9 words in English that contain 4 unique vowel usages and are viable for Wordle. Here is the list, with ADIEU being one of the most used starting words.

  1. ADIEU
  2. AUDIO
  3. AULOI
  4. AUREI
  5. LOUIE
  6. MIAOU
  7. OUIJA
  8. OURIE
  9. URAEI

5-Letter Words With Three Different Vowels for Wordle

Meanwhile, there are 19 different English words with three unique vowels in them. Some of these are also very valuable as starting words for Wordle as they consist of very popular consonants. Such a case is the word RAISE:

  1. ABUSE
  2. ALONE
  3. ARGUE
  4. ARISE
  5. HOUSE
  6. JUICE
  7. MEDIA
  8. MOVIE
  9. NAIVE
  10. OCEAN
  11. PIANO
  12. QUAIL
  13. QUIET
  14. QUITE
  15. RADIO
  16. RAISE
  17. SAUCE
  18. UNION
  19. VIDEO

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