4 Marketing Tactics from the Video Game Industry You Can Use to Market Your Dealership

4 strategies from the video game industry you can fit into your car dealership marketing efforts.

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The video game industry is a booming business with a strong, loyal fan base. The global gaming market is expected to bring in almost $269 billion annually by 2025.

But several marketing tactics contribute to the video gaming industry's success, and car retailers can learn and apply these winning tactics in their businesses.

Understanding how the gaming industry works (because there's a lot the gaming industry is getting right) is the first step to learning the marketing strategies.

Here are tactics you can implement from the gaming arena.

Use Storytelling to Engage Users

Video games engage users with auditory and visual storytelling. Dealerships can also use compelling stories to engage their potential customers.

Storytelling is an age-old marketing strategy, but highly effective, especially when selling products that fall below the ranks of your competition.

For example, Rolls Royce increased car sales by 50% after using compelling storytelling to lure customers to buy “the best car in the world” (its tagline).

Compelling stories impress by educating readers about a car's benefits and features, making them dream about experiencing the car before buying it.

You can also incorporate other key details in your stories like using a car lease calculator to show monthly car payments on luxury cars. Just be creative.

Update Your Content

Developers take years to create exceptional video games. But they rely heavily on customers' feedback and the gaming community on ways to improve the games.

Auto retailers can also do the same keep updating car content while testing and finding mistakes to improve marketing campaigns.

Using social media tools such as feedback forms and surveys, car retailers can ask audiences for feedback. Listening to what your audience is saying can help you update content reflecting changes in laws, trends, and technology.

Build a Community

The gaming industry is what it is today because of fostering community.

Video games are the core (and cake) of the gaming industry, but the gaming community (and discussions) is the icing on the cake. These two elements are responsible for making video gaming incredibly engaging.

Creating a sense of community is not only effective but has also helped connect millions of gamers worldwide with similar interests.

Car retailers can build a community around their brand where they actively engage car enthusiasts about specific car models, features, and other options.

Practical ways to build a thriving car community?

  • Build a membership site.
  • Create social media fan pages and groups.
  • Engage on other social platforms (think Reddit and Discord).

Employ Gamification

Gamification is a system used in video marketing to create goals and reward users.

Through gamification, the gaming industry has hooked gamers into experiencing dopamine hits and relieving stress after achieving their gaming goals.

Use a gamification system to ensure people buy cars, share car content on social media, and visit your dealership's website.

The gaming industry might look like a monolith, but it has to look for customers just like any other business. Use their marketing tactics to make your business soar.

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