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The Latest Roblox Unboxing Simulator Codes For Boosts, Coins & Gems

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Unboxing Simulator is a game developed by Team Unsquared, released on the 1st of January 2019 for the ROBLOX. gaming platform.

Unboxing Simulator has a massive fanbase with 191 million visits since launch, 800,000 favorites, and thousand of concurrent players.

In this game you keep smashing boxes to get new hats and items.

The two in-game currencies in Unboxing Simulator are gems and coins.

Coins are the game’s primary in-game currency and are used to unlock new areas, boxes, and weapons.

Gems are a secondary currency in the game and are generally used to purchase eggs.

Unboxing simulator codes provide coins, gems increased hatch speed for pets, high hat drop rate.

Active Unboxing Simulator Codes

Here are all the currently available promo codes for Unboxing Simulator. Make sure to redeem them fast as they expire soon.

Promo CodeReward
200k+20% Hatch Speed
AbilitiesDouble Hat Drop Rate
IJustWantedIceCream+15% Hatch Speed
ClansDouble Hat Drop Rate
LavaLauncherDouble Hat Drop Rate
1Year+100% Enchanting XP
BoxSquad7 Gems
Slime10 Gems
MadeYouLook10 Gems
Russo10 Gems
TeraBrite10 Gems
ThnxCya10 Gems
GravyCatMan10 Gems
Bofishe10 Gems
Kelogish10 Gems
EmirkartalBoost+50% Damage
SDMittens404+50% Damage
SnugLife+50% Damage
BanjoBoost+50% Damage
Pengi+50% Damage
TGSquad+50% Damage
Expe11ez+50% Damage
CrazyTurasBoost+50% Damage
NinjaRobzi+50% Damage
Sub2Deeter+50% Damage
MasterLuka+50% Damage
JeffBlox+50% Damage
UnicornSophia+50% Damage
MissingMind+50% Damage
PlanetMiloBoost+50% Damage
Mitosdodudubetero+50% Damage
Euammoogodenot+50% Damage
RHGameOn!+50% Damage
Sub2RandemGamor+50% Damage
Sub2Telanthric+50% Damage
Def1ldPlaysBoost+50% Damage
M3lihkard35+50% Damage
Ashl3yD4s+50% Damage
TrustGoneUp+50% Damage
UnboxMilo+50% Hats Drop Rate
IBugOuDouble Hat Drop Rate
StatickBetero+15% Hatch Speed
BianoBetero+15% Hatch Speed
VeyaramaOBiano+15% Hatch Speed
Sub2MarcosDrumom+50% Coins Drop Rate

How To Redeem Unboxing Simulator Codes

It’s easy to redeem your promo codes in Unboxing Simulator. Look for the ‘profile button’ and open the profile UI. Scan the top of the window for a ‘Codes’ menu, which will present a large input box titled “Enter codes here!” Click the box, type, or copy in one of the brilliant codes from the list above, and you’re good to go!

Note: The codes in the above table are case-insensitive.

How to Get Coins and Gems in Unboxing Simulator

Players use coins primarily to unlock new areas and weapons. Other than promo codes, there are four main ways to earn coins in-game.

  1. First, you can get coins from boxes, with the number of coins made from boxes scaling with box HP.
  2. Second, you can earn coins through the Coin Chest in the Castle or the VIP Chest in the VIP Area. Unlike boxes, the amount of coins made from chests doesn’t scale with HP but with your current damage and your highest unlocked area.
  3. Third, you can earn coins from certain quests, with more coins made as you progress through those questlines.
  4. Finally, coins can be purchased using Robux, ROBLOX’s inter-game currency, which players can only acquire by spending real-world money. But even then, the game isn’t pay-to-win. The amount of coins earned through purchases scales with your highest unlocked area or purchasing the 2x Coins gamepass.

Gems are a secondary currency used to buy eggs and unlock new and pets.

There are four other ways to obtain more gems, beyond promo codes.

The first method is through boxes. The box loot scales to your highest unlocked area.

Secondly, you can get Gems the Gem Chest in Futureville or the VIP Chest in the VIP area.

Thirdly, you can get gems through quest rewards.

Finally, you can gems using Robux, but this will harm your pocket.

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