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AFK Arena Guild Hunting is a guild-only event. You won't have access to it unless you are in a guild. It consists of two boss fights, one against Wrizz and one against Soren. The fight against Wrizz is a daily event and the fight against Soren can be unlocked every time the guild has accumulated 9,000 daily/weekly activity points. You have three attempts on each boss and the fights can be aborted without losing an attempt or restarted. The goal is to maximize damage to get as many rewards from each attempt. To maximize said damage we present a list of the best AFK Arena Guild Hunting Teams for both Wrizz and Soren.

Below you will find some of the recommended team lineups to easily beat the Guild Hunting bosses, do a lot of damage, and get better rewards.


 Below you will find the best Wrizz teams for both early and late game. Note that this guide aims mostly for the best AFK Arena Guild Hunting teams in the endgame.

Bombs AwaWrizz labs a bomb at his enemies causing massive damage to a large area of the battlefield. This skill deals a lot of damage to all your heroes and summoned units. There are 4 blasts that occur approximately at 1:16, 0:53, 0:29, 0:08
MolotovWrizz hurls a molotov cocktail at his enemies that deals magic damage to them and causes them to burn for a short duration. This skill always targets the nearest enemy. Burning lasts for 9 seconds and blocks by shields. Wrizz uses this skill approximately every 7 seconds.
EnrageEnrage – the more life that Wrizz loses the more enraged he becomes, increasing his damage output. The number of this skill's stacks displayed next to the damage counter on the fight screen.

“Bombs Away” is the most dangerous among Wrizz's skills as it can almost one-shot heroes like the Twins if they are not strong enough.

AFK Arena best Wrizz teams

All AFK Arena's best Wrizz teams include Saurus, Rosaline, and the Twins. You can then add Belinda and Raine, Warek and Raine, Belinda and Rowan, Warek and Rowan, and similar other combos depending on what works for you. The best Wrizz teams could even consist of just Saurus and four support units and still be really great. Don't be afraid to experiment and just reset the fight if it doesn't go well. 

Chaos Bringer, SI+30Dura's Blade, SI +20Dura's Eye, 3/9FDura's Call, SI +20Dura's Eye, 3/9F
Chaos Bringer, SI+30Dura's Blade, SI +20Dura's Eye, 3/9FDura's Call, SI +20Chaos Bringer, 9/9F
Chaos Bringer, SI+30Dura's Blade, SI +20Dura's Call, SI +20Dura's Eye, 3/9F
Chaos Bringer, SI+30Dura's Eye, 3/9FDura's Call, SI +20Dura's Call, SI +30Dura's Blade, SI +20

Personally, I have not used Raine in this fight as I have not built her and I use Soren instead. At the same time, I don't use Warek because I have not built him either and use Belinda instead. However, the best guild hunting teams for Wrizz are built around Saurus.

Saurus is the hero that will deal the most damage and everything else around him is there to buff his DPS. Rosaline should follow Saurus and the Twins will link the two of them. I don't like using healers in this fight and I just rely on support heroes and skills for heals. I dare say that you can replace Belinda with Raine if your Belinda is not strong enough and go with Saurus and four support units. You should still be able to do a lot of damage, but I will test it after I strengthen my Raine. 

Note: In my case, Rosaline follows Belinda instead of Saurus. This is not ideal and for that reason, I place Belinda at the front row to link her with Saurus and Rosaline at the back. Have a look at the video below for some tests with my lineup.

  • The 3 faction members buff gives 10% more damage and 10% more HP.
  • Faction advantage gives 25% more damage for Rosaline, Belinda, and Raine against Wrizz.

My Best Wrizz Team in 2021 – More Than 5,000,000,000 Damage

With Saurus hitting SI +30, I had the opportunity to remove Rowan from my team since I did not need healing anymore, and instead, I'm using a mercenary Raine with 3/9 Furniture. I'm close to 5,000,000,000, but the challenge is keeping the Twins alive as they get one-shotted. So the next step is getting the Twins to Mythic to increase their SI to +20 and increase their defense rating.

I used the third team comp in the recommended best teams for Wrizz.

The same team as the previous video passed the 2,000,000,000 damage mark. I will post the next video at 5,000,000,000!

AFK Arena Guild Hunting infographic

AFK Arena Guild Hunting teams top choices for Wrizz and Soren by u/whitesushii on Reddit.


Below you will find the best teams for Soren. But first, let's start with Soren's skill set, which makes him a perilous enemy.

Char These skills channel for 2 seconds and deal a huge amount of damage to all your heroes and summoned units. This skill is used 4 times during a battle, approximately at 1:16, 0:53, 0:29, 0:08.
FrightenSoren frightens his enemies to their very core, causing them to lose health and turn on their allies in the ensuing panic. This skill casts a charming effect lasting 5 seconds to all your heroes and summons unit in front of Soren. This skill is used approximately every 9 seconds.
EnrageThe more life that they lose, the more enraged they become, increasing their damage output. The number of this skill's stacks displayed next to the damage counter on the fight screen.

The thing to worry about with Soren is his Frighten ability, charming units in front of him. That why we typically use a hero that can turn Soren around. That can be Warek, Cecilia, or worse choices like Silvina and Numisu to turn him around and avoid a mass charm. Char is dangerous too, but your heroes can survive it as they grow stronger. This is another fight that I don't use a healing unit per se and rely on support units, and even though I don't  Saurus on +30 SI. 

Check my Signature Item and emblems guide for more information on Signature Itemss.

Chaos BringerDura's BladeDura's BladeDura's BladeDura's Call
Chaos BringerDura's EyeDura's BladeDura's CallDura's Blade

AFK Arena best Soren teams

As you can see, once again, Saurus, Rosaline and the Twins are your go-to characters. The difference here is that you actually need Warek to turn Soren around, but you shouldn't use Warek's special, so no auto on this battle. If you decide to use Belinda, make Cecilia your fifth character to turn Soren around. However, the team below is probably the best Soren team around, although I have not tried it yet.

  • 3-faction buff gives 10% more damage and 10% more HP.
  • Faction advantage gives 25% more damage for Lightbearers against Soren.
  • If you don't have a strong Warek, replace him with Cecilia to turn Soren around.
  • You can then replace Raine with Belinda or Rowan and still do very good damage.

The 1,000,000,000 Soren team

This team got me 1,537,000,000 damage, so if you grow your characters enough, you should be able to do it too. My lineup:

Saurus: Ascended 2 stars, 3/9 Furniture, +22 SI, Dura's Blade

Belinda: Ascended 4 stars, 6/9 Furniture, +22 SI (what a waste!), Dura's Eye

The Twins: Legendary+, Dura's Grace

Cecilia: Elite, Dura's Blade

Rosaline: Mercenary, 5 stars, follows Belinda (not ideal)

Best Guild Hunting heroes


  • Ultimate: Enables phase form for 9 seconds, which deals 85% of the original Saurus' damage value.
  • Tenacity: Raises Saurus' attack rating by up to 50% and defense rating by up to 125% (5 stacks). At skill level 3, Saurus gives the AR and DR increases to his allies (absolute values).
  • Signature +30: Heals allies for 150% of Saurus' attack rating every time he uses “War Strike” or “Burst Strikes” when “Tenacity” cannot be stacked anymore. This is vital to keep your allies alive until the end without needing a healer.
  • Chaos Bringer: Raise Haste by 30, Damage to 15% so Saurus can optimize the Damage he makes. It is a better option than Dura's Blade if you have it. I don't, yet.


Rosaline is, in essence, your carry's aka Saurus' personal buffer.

  • Ultimate: Raise 60% by 60% for 4 seconds, for the ally Rosaline follows (should be Saurus) every time she uses “Motivation.”
  • Signature: Raise 30% Damage(+20) and 25% Dodge & +30 Crit rating.
  • Both Dura’s Blade and Dura’s Call are great for Rosaline.


  • Ultimate: Marks all enemies, just the one, Wrizz or Soren, for 16 seconds. Damage is increased by 20% on marked enemies.
  • Lock-on: Mark the enemy with the lowest health, which again is Wrizz or Soren for 10s. Since all allies target that enemy, their attack speed will increase by 30, and Crit Rating increased by 20% for 3s. Keep in mind that while the marking will last for 10s, then buff to allies will last only 3s.
  • Exploit: Raise allies' damage by up to 30% as the enemies' health lowers. The problem with this one is that the boss's health does not get lower, so I think it doesn't do anything for bosses. But the next one does.
  • 3/9 Furniture: After 3s of the battle, marks the health with the lowest enemy raises 30%  for all allies. This is why people use Raine on bosses. So only use her with 3/9 furniture or more.


  • Ultimate: Elijah and Lailah increase the party's haste by 75 for 10s. Removes all negative effects from allies and prevents them from being controlled for 4s.
  • Unity: This one links the last two heroes affected by “Grace.” Then, each hero's attack rating, defense rating, crit rating, dodge, accuracy, and leech are increased by 15%(?) of the other hero's attributes. I think that's 15% and not an extra 15% added to the 20% level 2. I've seen other guides talk about 35%, but I think it's wrong. The percentage is reduced compared to level 2, but it affects more ratings than level 2. This is why Rosaline works well with Dura's Blade. If she is in the front row, she will pass a part of her AR to Saurus. This is also why Grezhul, who steals Attack Rating, is excellent in some cases, either on Guild Hunting or Twisted Realm.
  • Dura’s Call makes sure Twins can buff Haste every second till the end of the battle.

Warek / Belinda

Warek or Belinda is pretty much swappable, but since Belinda is easier to ascend and build, you should probably use her for Wrizz.

  • Skill 2 (Warek): Thrown enemy receives 80% more Damage for 10s.
  • Skill 4 (Belinda): Raise both Attack Rating and Crit Rating by 20% for the ally with the highest Attack Rating, which should be Saurus.

Requirements for optimal damage

 Let's now sum up what makes the best AFK Arena best Guild Hunting teams for Wrizz and Soren.

  • Saurus Signature Item +30 so that he can heal allies and you can avoid using a healer, although I think you can do it even without one even without +30 SI, at least up to some point.
  • Rosaline must follow Saurus to use “Motivation” on him.
  • Twins must link Rosaline and Saurus, so both of them are better off at the front row.
  • Raine 3/9 furniture is a must if you plan on using her.
  • If you use Belinda, go for 3/9 furniture as it increases the single-target damage of her Ultimate.

AFK Arena best Wrizz and Soren team recommendations?

If you have any recommendations to improve this list, please leave a comment and discuss it.

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