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AFK Arena Twisted Realm guide – January 2021 update

This is an updated guide for the AFK Arena Twisted Realm event with new optimal setups for all five bosses. I will be updating the AFK Arena Twisted Realm guide in the upcoming days, but for now, here is the image with all the information you need about setups.

Defeat Kane, Nemora, Ice Shemira, Burning Brute & Arden in the Guild Twisted Realm to get Twisted Essences, strengthening your heroes further in the Elder Tree.

The rewards will be sent to the player mailbox based on the leaderboard ranking. Players in the Legend division also receive extra rewards by maintaining their ranking when the final rewards are calculated.

AFK Arena Twisted Realm guide January 2021
AFK Arena Twisted Realm guide, January 2021. Credit: u/scullicious

The Twisted Realm Bosses

There are currently five bosses in the Twisted Realm: Kane, Demonic Entity, Ice Shemira, Dark Arden, and Burning Brute.

Boss Appearance Order:

  1. Kane
  2. Nemora
  3. Dark Arden
  4. Ice Shemira
  5. Grotesque Mage
  6. Burning Brute

Players will face Kane first, Nemora after a couple of days, then Dark Arden, Ice Shemira, Grotesque Mage, and the last one is Burning Brute. This cycle keeps rotating, and every boss is available for two days.


Kane Skills

Hell’s Judgment

At 15, 40, and 65 seconds into the battle, the enemy that has dealt the highest amount of damage will be annihilated by Kane.

Dragon Fire

Kane’s dragon breathes fire on enemies, dealing 130% AoE damage to them.


Deals multi-stage damage. The first stage deals 30% damage to all enemies, destroying all protective shields that they may be using. The second stage deals 165% damage to all enemies on the battlefield.

Best Twisted Realm Kane Team

Best teamtalene phoenix best character afk arenagrezhulwarez afk arenaMortas the insidioustwins afk arena elijah laylah
Dura's BaldeDura's EyeChaos BringerDura's CallDura's Call
Alternative teamafk arena rosalineafk arena saurusafk arena belindarowan afk arenaafk arena twins
Dura's BladeChaos BringerDura's EyeDura's CallDura's Call

Note: You can replace Mortas with Daimon, but for that, you will need 3/9 Mythic furniture on Daimon.

Kane battle guide

Kane one-shot kills your highest damage dealing hero at 15, 40, and 65 seconds into battle. Ideally, you need to suppress Belinda’s damage (no auto) to let Talene deal the most and die each time Kane uses Hell's Judgement, losing no heroes throughout the fight. I have noticed that a strong enough Talene will be the highest damage dealer anyway. Use Reinforcements for that. Talene will always be my choice until I build my own for the end game.

If you don't have Talene, the point of this fight is to deal as much damage as possible before Kane kills all of your team. Twins are excellent here since they provide haste. The best thing to do is make sure your second damage dealer (let's say Belinda) dies first. Then your primary damage dealer (let's say Saurus) will have more time to deal damage. But really, you need to get Talene.

Wukong’s clones count as individual targets, and his main form disappears, so you have more bodies to sacrifice if you don't have Talene. The problem here is that you need a very strong Wukong to out DPS the rest of your team.

Demonic Entity (Evil Nemora)

Demonic Entity Skills

Baneful Guard

Produces a high-value shield around the ally with the lowest amount of energy. While protected by the shield, the affected ally will quickly recover energy.

Maligned Energy

Raises allies’ Haste by 100 points and Crit Rating by 40 points for 5 seconds each time Dreaf is re-summoned.

Fiendish Underling

Nemora cannot be attacked. Whenever there are no surviving summoned Dreafs on the battlefield, Nemora will summon 5 Dreafs. Summoned Dreafs will receive attribute increases when in an “Enraged” state, and Nemora will also receive any damage that they receive.

Best Twisted Realm Demonic Entity Team

Best teamShemira afk arenaafk arena rosalinerowan afk arenatwins afk arena elijah laylahEstrilda afk arena
Dura's BladeDura's BladeDura's CallDura's CallChaos Bringer
  • You can replace Chaos Bringer with Dura's Blade if you don't have the former.

Main Strategy

The player deals damage to Demonic Entity through damaging the 5 Dreafs she summons. As such, AoE heroes like Shemira is key for this fight. Other heroes mostly play a supportive role in helping Shemira get as much out of her ultimates as possible. Shemira is a must, so make sure Rosaline follows her. Newer players can take a stronger Shemira as a mercenary from friends or guildmates to maximize damage. This is a straightforward fight overall. Just make sure to follow the exact positioning recommended above and go on auto, no trouble. I'll post a video of the fight soon.

Dark Arden – The Unhinged

The Unhinged Skills

Chaotic Entanglement

Arden uses this ability twice, respectively, at 30 seconds and 60 seconds into battles.

Arden entangles his enemies with his vines one by one based on their battlefield locations until all enemies are entangled. Entangled enemies are unable to move and will gradually lose health over time.

The entangling vines disappear 6 seconds after Arden has finished casting this ability.

Nether Shield

Arden’s abilities can be interrupted by control abilities that last for 1.5 seconds or more.

When Arden is unaffected by any enemy control abilities, he utilizes a passive shield to reduce the damage he receives by 50%.

Lightning Fury

When used passively, one lightning bolt is cast upon a random enemy every 3.5 seconds.

When used actively, five bolts will be cast successively on multiple enemies.

Enemies that are struck by lightning bolts will lose most buffs from which they are currently benefiting.

Best Twisted Realm Arden, The Unhinged Team

Best teamSaurus afk arenaGrezhul afk arenawarez afk arenaMortas the insidioustwins afk arena elijah laylah
Chaos BringerDura's BladeDura's CallDura's CallDura's Call
Alternative teamSaurus afk arenaGrezhul afk arenatwins afk arena elijah laylahrowan afk arenaafk arena rosaline
Chaos BringerDura's BladeDura's EyeDura's CallDura's Call

How to beat Arden?

Arden’s Nether Shield reduces his damage taken by 50% while unaffected by enemy crowd control. Mortas can take down the shield with his normal attacks with his passive skill, “Greed,” so he is a great choice for this fight. The rest of the choices are what you would expect. Warek for his damage, Grezhul to still attack rating, the Twins to provide haste and link Grezhul and Saurus to increase each other's Attack Ratings.

If you don't have Warek and Mortas, you can go full support with the Twins, Rowan and Rosaline.


  • You can try Belinda instead of Warek if you have Mortas.
  • You can also try Raine as support to handle if she has 3/9 furniture.
  • You can replace Grezhul with Baden because Baden's minions can be the target of some of Dark Ardern's five lightning bolts, thus absorbing some damage. But Grezhul's shields are a better option.

Ice Shemira

Ice Shemira Skills


Shemira summons snowfall 10 seconds into the battle, which falls heavier every 20 seconds. While there is light snowfall, all of her enemies will be unable to recover any health. While there is heavy snowfall, her enemies will also be dealt with periodic damage. Each time Shemira summons snowfall or increases the snowfall severity, she will receive a layer of frost armor immune to all damage lower than 30% of its total value when active.

Glacial Beam

Ice Shemira prioritizes her attacks against two frontline enemies, channeling her glacial beams to deal with multiple instances of damage over time to the enemies. The glacial rays also possess a freezing quality, which stacks over time, reducing the enemies’ Haste.

Frost Nova

Ice Shemira creates an expanding shockwave of ice that damages all enemies. Enemies that possess less than 50% of their max health will become frozen.

Best Twisted Realm Ice Shemira Team

Best TeamSaurus afk arenaGrezhul afk arenaezizh afk arenawarez afk arenatwins afk arena elijah laylah
Chaos BringerDura's EyeDura's CallDura's BladeDura's Call
AlternativeSaurus afk arenaafk arena rosalineezizh afk arenarowan afk arenatwins afk arena elijah laylah
Chaos BringerDura's BladeDura's Chalice
of Vitality
Dura's CallDura's Call

Ice Shemira has an area of effect damage coupled with crowd control in the frozen form. Heroes like Ezizh are key to denying her abilities, while twins help to dispel crowd control effects from teammates. Ezizh should be placed behind to avoid Ice Shemira’s glacial beam.

Additional Tips: Given how vital Ezizh’s Ultimate is, the player must maximize his energy cycling potential by giving Twins and Rowan as much haste as possible (from items, etc.).

Grotesque Mage


Electric Spark

Normal attacks shoot a bolt of lightning, which ignores summons and prioritizes targets in formation order.

Lightning bolts will end if they reach a certain length or after dealing damage 10 times.

When a target is hit by lightning, their attack power will be reduced by 7% for 5 seconds. Attack debuff duration is calculated separately for each time a target is hit by lightning.

If only one enemy remains, a single high-power lightning bold shall be shot, dealing a high amount of damage, simultaneously reducing the target’s Attack Rating by 28%

Escape Plan

Magically escapes from the battlefield after enemies have used the ultimate 6 times, ending battle instantly.

Phantom Magic

Damage the entire enemy team and create a phantom that removes most buffs from enemies, gaining any attribute bonuses the buffs granted.

Damage taken by the phantom does not count towards total damage dealt.

Best Grotesque Mage team

Best TeamSaurus afk arenaGrezhul afk arenaLyca afk arenaRaine AFK Arenatwins afk arena elijah laylah
Chaos BringerDura's EyeDura's GraceDura's BladeDura's Call
AlternativeSaurus afk arenaGrezhul afk arenaLyca afk arenaafk arena rosalinetwins afk arena elijah laylah
Chaos BringerDura's EyeDura's GraceDura's BladeDura's Call

The Grotesque Mage's main challenge is that if he uses 6 Ultimates, he leaves the fight in a few seconds. So you should turn off “Auto” and only use Saurus' Ultimate for heals. Finally, at 10 seconds left, turn “Auto” back on and shoot fireworks (Ultimates) before the fight ends.


  • Raine needs 3/9 furniture but can be replaced with Mortas. Some people alternate Saurus' and Mortas' specials when they use them together.
  • As usual, Chaos Bringer can be replaced with Dura's Blade if you don't have it.

Burning Brute


When his HP falls under 80% & 50%, he falls asleep for 5s. Suppose the damage he receives while sleeping exceeds 10% of his total HP within 5s. In that case, he will awake, dealing insanely great nuke damage.

Flame Breath

The Burning Brute breathes fire, dealing damage towards the enemies.

Once he awakes from the Doze state, he will burn the ground under enemies' feet, dealing AoE damage to them.

Blaze Barrier

The Brute creates a fiery barrier around him at the beginning of the battle. The barrier can reduce all of the damage coming towards him by 80%.

The shield is deactivated once he gets into the Doze state.

Best Twisted Realm Burning Brute Team

Best teamSaurus afk arenaGrezhul afk arenatwins afk arena elijah laylahdaimon afk arenamehira afk arena
Chaos BringerDura's EyeDura's CallDura's eyeDura's Call
Alternative teamSaurus afk arenaafk arena rosalinetwins afk arena elijah laylahrowan afk arenacecialia assassin ranger
Chaos BringerDura's BladeDura's EyeDura's CallDura's Call

You can replace Izold with Phoenix if he doesn’t have 3/9 Furniture. Her ability to dive under Brute’s bubble and deal massive damage while healing her teammates from Brute’s fire with her passive.

Alternative Heroes: Cecilia can be used both as the primary carry or support to great success. She reduces the Burning Brute’s damage.

The Twisted Realm Rules

  1. The Twisted Realm may be opened two times per day.
  2. The floor that players are placed on is based on their Resonance Crystal level.
  3. Heroes within the Twisted Realm will all be set to the same level; however, heroes’ gear and ascension levels will remain as they originally were.
  4. Players may use only mercenaries, dimensional heroes, and heroes who are within the Resonating Crystal.
  5. Bosses will stack buffs and grow stronger every time a certain amount of their health is lost.
  6. Within each new Twisted Realm session, players can challenge bosses five times for free, after which the expenditure of diamonds will be required to continue challenging bosses. Players may challenge bosses a maximum of 99 times per session. One battle challenge attempt will be deducted each time a player enters a battle.
  7. Only one mercenary may be used per formation within the Twisted Realm. However, the number of times that a mercenary can be used is unlimited.
  8. Only the highest recorded damage dealt throughout all boss challenges will count towards your final ranking. Your final ranking will be determined at the end of each session.
  9. At the end of each Twisted Realm session, players will receive two (guild and individual rewards) in-game mails that include their rewards.

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