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Borderpolar welcomes tech and gaming blog collaborations

Well, I think I had built some strong foundations on this blog. I did many things right and a lot of things wrong, but things are going much better than they did in 2020, on so many levels. But I want so much more. I always did. There is no way I am going to be satisfied by talking to myself. At the same time I love blogging about tech, games, movies and tv shows. And SEO of course.

But talking to myself is pointless. So here is the deal. This is a call to arms to other micro tech bloggers. In 2021 I have three goals:

The first one is to increase the number of backlinks for The white hat way. I'm not talking about guest posting. Please find me on social media or send me an email, and let's discuss 2021 tech and strategies for bloggers. Let's see if there is the content of actual value that is worth backlinking to. Let me give you an example of content on this blog that I consider valuable:

And maybe, my curated list of Apple M1 benchmarks.

On to the next goal. I already have a YouTube channel, and I'm going to start actively making videos for it. These will include reviews and gaming. But I would also love to do tech discussions and commentary on devices and hardware. Remember, this is a team game. Of course, chemistry will be the most critical component of this kind of collaboration, so I don't have high initial expectations. I only speak English and Greek, so you get the drill.

The third is to work a lot more on other social media platforms, both as a blogger and photographer.

Simultaneously, I encourage readers to send me content that they think is suitable for this blog—content from your YouTube channel, blog, or anywhere else. If I decide it brings value to this blog, I will gladly feature it, and it's a win-win for both of us. Of course, I also encourage fellow photographers to contribute and get advertised.

This is all for now. I wish everyone a happy 2021. It can't get much worse than 2020, hopefully.

Take care and stay safe and at home as much as you can.



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