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Signature Items Tier List, Priorities & Upgrade Cost [Ultimate Guide]

AFK Arena Signature Items are among the most important aspects of the game as they unlock the character's true potential when you reach the endgame. Simultaneously, the AFK Arena emblems, the resources players use to upgrade signature items, are scarce. Of course, things are even worse if you won't want to spend a fortune to upgrade your heroes' Signature Items. This AFK Arena emblems guide explains how many emblems you will need to level up your Signature Items.

First of all, Signature Items can be leveled from 0 to 30 for the four basic factions (Lightbearers, Maulers, Wilders, and Graveborns), and up to level 40 for Celestials, Hypogeans, and Dimensional characters. To get a signature item from level 0 to level 10, you will need 220 Primordial Emblems. From level 11 to level 20, you will need 240 gold Amplifying emblems, and from level 21 to level 30, you will need 300 Factional emblems. Finally, to get from level 30 to level 40 for (Celestial, Hypogeans, and Dimensional heroes), you will need 1,050 Factional emblems.

Signature Item upgrade costs

Below you will find the crackdown of the emblems required to upgrade Signature Items:

afk arena emblems guide
AFK Arena emblems guide. Credit: r/AFKArena

Signature Item Tier List

Considering the rarity of the resources, it's good to know which heroes are worth investing in to raise their Signature Items to level 30. Going for level 40 on Dimensionals, Celestials, and Hypogeans is not really worth it, so it's better to get other characters to level 30 instead. Below are my personal preferences for each faction, but please follow the full tier list below. Don't spend any emblems on character that won't benefit you.

Let's the list of Signature Items then, and the top priorities.

The best Signature Item skill in AFK Arena – Rowan

The Gold Chime – Skill : Thirsty Work

After entering the battle Rowan will set up a stall that now includes an energy potion. When an ally’s energy is above 600 points they will drink a potion, replenishing 60 energy points. The energy potion will be replenished each time the stall is set up.

  • [+10 Unlocks] Energy restored increased to 120 points.
  • [+20 Unlocks] Energy restored increased to 200 points.
  • [+30 Unlocks] Energy restored increased to 400 points.

Explanation: Rowan is the best non-celehypogean and non-dimensional character in the game – period. He also has the best Signature Item in the game and you want to get it to +30. Why? Because every time there is a potion on his stall and one of your heroes gets their energy to 600 – boom, you get straight to 1,000 and the hero uses the Ultimate. Ainz loves this! Get Rowan's SI to +30 ASAP!

The next best Signature Items to invest in – Eironn & Daimon

Eironn – Elemental Blades – Chill

The ability “Elemental Surge” has a chance to cause enemies to become frozen for 2 seconds. The chances of an enemy being frozen are raised if the enemy is already suffering from attack speed reductions, and enemies which are already frozen will no longer be knocked back by the ability.

  • [+10 Unlocks] Damage for the ability “Elemental Surge” is increased against frozen enemies.
  • [+20 Unlocks] Damage for the ability “Elemental Surge” is increased against frozen enemies.
  • [+30 Unlocks] Time enemies are frozen is increased to 4 seconds.

Explanation: Eironn's Signature Item skill, especially combined with Rowan's, is an amazing crowd control which is very useful in the end game. Eironn can be your main carry; for my team, he is, along with Ainz. But even more importantly, Eironn is part of Joker's meta. An amazing burst damage team contains JOKER, Ainz, and Eironn in the backline and Albedo and Rowan at the front. There is enough CC in this team to trigger JOKER's “All-Out Attack.” Another alternative is to use Eironn with Safiya and her debuffing pyramid to suck in opponents and freeze them and the pyramid's debuff. And you can add Skriath for more CC or Joker to take advantage of the rebuffed frozen opponents. Eironn should be the first Wilder you get to +30 SI. Eironn and Chill!

Daimon – Stitchy – Soul Sunder

After using the ability “Blood Shield,” while the shield is still in use, Daimon temporarily gains 20% of the enemy target’s Attack Rating and 30% of their Defense Rating. This ability cannot be stacked.

  • [+10 Unlocks] Daimon permanently acquires the target’s Attack and Defense ratings if the enemy target dies while Daimon’s “Blood Shield” is being used.
  • [+20 Unlocks] After using the ability “Blood Shield”, while the shield is still in use, Daimon temporarily gains 40% of the enemy target’s Attack Rating and 60% of their Defense Rating. This ability cannot be stacked.
  • [+30 Unlocks] Duration of “Blood Shield” lasts for 7 seconds.

Explanation: The explanation here is simple. Daimon can receive a massive buff when the level gap is huge, which is true for both campaign and the king's/faction tower. The higher the level gap, the higher the buff, and it can be permanent if you kill the enemy within the 7-second duration of the “Blood Shield”. Awesome, but I placed Daimon third because he is a newer character so he is a bit harder to get. My Daimon is at +20 and works really well under the right circumstances.

Signature Item priorities per faction


Rowan is the obvious choice for Lightbearers as he is the strongest character of the faction and an excellent support character. Getting Rowan's Signature Item to +30 will have the following effect: every time an ally reaches 600 energy, they will drink an energy potion that at +30 provides 400 energy points. That means that getting to 600 points will trigger their Ultimate ability as it requires 1,000 energy points. This is just brilliant.

Rowan Signature Item and Furniture build
My Rowan Signature Item and build. 9/9 mythic furniture is not a must though.


Safiya is probably the best choice for Maulers as she is the strongest character in an underwhelming faction. She shouldn't be a priority for you though.


For Wilders, the choice is not as clear-cut. Saurus is great for Guild Hunt and some Twisted Realm bosses. On the other hand, Eironn is a robust carry during the late-game. Getting Eironn to +30 will increase the time enemies stay frozen to +4 seconds. This is very important for CC, and it is also important for the meta related to another character, Joker. Prioritize one of the two accordingly, but I recommend going with Eironn first. However, wherever Saurus is useful, you need to make sure that Rosaline follows him, so switch furniture and builds accordingly.


The obvious choice here is Ferael, as he is excellent in the game's later stages. However, if you have unlocked Daimon's Signature Item, he is probably an even better choice. Personally, I'm going for Daimon first here as Ferael is not a priority on my team.


Talene is the priority here. Then, go with Elijah and Lailah, the Twins. Prioritize them to unlock their Signature Item and for level 30. You won't regret it. Antalia is next, but maybe it's a good idea to go for Ezizh in the Challenger store as going for three Celestials will take a lot of time.


Ezizh is the easiest one to get, so go with him. Mehira is a great choice for whales as she is probably the strongest among Hypogeans.


If you have Ainz go for him. Otherwise, Arthur is the only Dimensional you can get easily, and the verdict on Joker and Queen is not out yet.

AFK Arena Signature Item and Emblems Priority List
AFK Arena Signature Items guide – Double click to zoom. Source: r/AFKArena

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