samsung no charger and headset in box

New leaks suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will ship without a charger and headset in the UK

After mocking Apple's decision not to include chargers in the box, rumors have intensified since October that Samsung will follow Apple's steps. We reached a point where Samsung removed the ads mocking Apple, and now a leaker confirms that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series will be released without a charger and bundled headset in the box. Ishan Agarwal's tweet has since been deleted, but it's hard to believe that a different scenario will occur, not just in the UK. Nice job, Samsung.

samsung no charger and headset in box

The news comes after a certification listing in Brazil confirmed the S21 series would be sold without a charger and headphones. For what it's worth, we still don’t have official confirmation on whether all three Galaxy S21 series phones will ship without in-box accessories. Earlier this week, Samsung was caught deleting a Facebook post that mocked Apple for removing the charger with its iPhone 12 series.

What about 2022?

Needless to say, the no charger in box policy, started by Apple and potentially followed by Samsung, is a cost-cutting attempt due to Covid19. The real question is whether it will stay for 2022. And since iPhone sales have not seen any significant drop, I'm afraid this is here to stay, and more and more manufacturers will follow. Read more about the new Galaxy S21 series in our article about everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

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