The Internet Is Full of Copycats – No Surprises There

The Internet is full of copycats. You post something and the next day you find it used by someone you backlinked without giving you credit. Bear with me because this is going to be a short post. So, case in hand, Kicksta. Two days ago I talked about the huge importance of engagement rate on Instagram. It seems that the Instagram algorithm favors content from accounts with a high engagement rate, even if they don't have a large audience. I've been exploiting this discovery of mine and I keep getting banned from Instagram because my accounts look like they are being promoted by bots. More on that soon though. Today I was checking my emails and I received the following newsletter from Kicksta. It has Internet copycat written all over it, but in a subtle manner.

Hi there,
There’s a bit of a silly myth floating around that the influencer industry will soon be extinct.. and this largely comes from many influencers’ “businesses” taking a hit when IG recently rolled out their new algorithm.
In reality, the algorithm is helping the industry.
Influencers who care about their audience and are building a legit following, are putting out good content and have high engagement.. are finally being rewarded.
Meanwhile, the tricksters who tried to buy their way to the top with fake followers, fake likes and other unethical methods are finding themselves dropping to the bottom.
In case you’re not aware, you can determine your engagement rate by calculating the number of engagements you receive by either how many people viewed it or the total number of followers you have.
In light of recent media coverage, shedding light on the billions of dollars Brands lose each year at the hands of unscrupulous influencers falsifying their stats…
Instagram made some major changes to the system.
Stating that “what matters is the accounts users are engaging with most; the “status” of the account is irrelevant.”
What this means is… engagement rate is how Instagram judges content and determines where it should fall in newsfeed placements in comparison to other similarly tagged content pieces.
So where do you go from here?
How can you increase your follower count with highly engaged, raving fans while still having time to come up with creative new content ‘and’ juggle everyday life responsibilities?


Erica from Kicksta
        <h2>Not Cool Kicksta</h2>       
    <p>Firstly, that's plagiarism at its best. Compare that to my post about <a href="">Instagram engagement rate</a> and you will figure it all out by yourself. That being said, I still recommend Kicksta's <a href="">engagement rate calculator</a>. But the engagement rate calculation is really simple, at least the simplified version. Finding out its importance was a different story and Kicksta up to now correlated the engagement rate to influencers being targeted by brands, not the Instagram algorithm. Figuring out the importance of Instagram engagement rate these days required research and experimentation. So next time give credit where it's due Kicksta. Anyway, see it this way. Instagram doesn't care how many people get into your store, it cares about how many buy something.</p>     
                                    <img width="640" height="635" src="" alt="the internet is full of copycats always lurking case in hand kicksta and my post about instagram engagement rate" loading="lazy" srcset=" 640w, 300w, 150w, 600w, 100w, 50w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />                                            <figcaption>Not cool, Kicksta. But who cares?</figcaption>
        <h2>You Know You Are Successful When People Start Copying you</h2>      
    <p>I didn't write this post because I'm angry. Instead I'm excited. That's because I knew I was onto something and I just received validation and advertisement. Thank God I am a blogger and I can defend my work against Internet copycats. I'm growing more and more interested into becoming a social media coach and I'm going to start a YouTube channel about all this eventually. Stay tuned! Long story short, this is good publicity and it shows that I'm heading towards the right direction. Obviously I need to stop causing myself to get banned at some point! But what can I say, I did it all for science! And yes, the Internet is full of copycats, but what did you expect?</p>        
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