10 Online Games to Chill Out With and De-Stress Yourself

When people think of video games, the first thing they think of is often the violence of a first-person shooter or the controversy that surrounds games like Grand Theft Auto.

This is not fair to gaming. There are lots more on offer than gun-blazing fantasies or building a criminal dynasty. There are lots of different types of games out there, and some of the best help you to chill out and unwind after a stressful day.

This is a list of ten online games for doing exactly that. Most are free to play too, and the few that cost you money are worth the investment. Kick back, relax, and read this list.


This is a top online game for de-stressing and chilling yourself out. Simple graphics and gameplay help create a calm mood, and the soundtrack is perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

The game doesn’t ask much of you, which helps. You begin as a small organism that must consume other small creatures to grow and change. As you grow so do the other creatures around you, who may try and take a nibble off you for themselves.

Classic Card Games

Solitaire has been a chillout game for centuries. The relaxing game for one is easy to play, especially online.

FreeCell and bridge are other good options if you know how to play and don’t mind playing against bots. When you are looking for a distraction and something to keep your mind occupied try a casino game like Poker or Blackjack at a UKGC regulated casino. These are good for practicing if you want to go to OnlineCasinos and play there later.


There cannot be a simpler, or cuter, game than this. The gameplay is so chilled that you only need to use one mouse button to play.

You are a giraffe with other giraffes gambling towards you. As they approach you must click the mouse button to extend or retract your neck, so the giraffes meet for a kiss. That is it. It sounds so simple it might be boring, but it is surprisingly addictive. The 70s sitcom music is a relaxing soundtrack too.


This game can be found on thousands of sites across the web, and even on some infotainment systems on planes or in electric cars. It is fun, easy to play, and low stress.

Puzzle games are usually a bit too intense for a chilled-out gaming session. Tetris can make you sweat with anxiety and scream in frustration. Bejeweled is challenging but at a relaxed pace. Match up jewels to make them disappear with a satisfying sound and be replaced with more to play with. Simple and never-ending.

Home, Sheep Home

Are you a fan of Shaun the Sheep? If not, why not? This tie-in web game was originally made to compliment Shaun’s children’s TV series, but the game is so good it has a life of its own.

You need to get three different-sized sheep from one side of the screen to the barn on the other side. It can be challenging at times, but the puzzles are simple enough for kids to complete. Counting sheep has always been a way to get to sleep at night, and an hour or so of this game will get you ready for bed.


For perhaps the ultimate chillout gaming experience, try Echogenesis. Some might argue that this is not really a game as there is no winning or losing. There is no objective other than exploring and experiencing the world it creates.

It has an immersive quality, which is the perfect way to de-stress and forget about your troubles. You explore a natural environment and interact with the animals and plants there. The world evolves and changes around you to introduce new creatures and natural elements for you to discover.


Minecraft, the legendary building and crafting game is a powerhouse in the gaming world. For decades people have been quietly creating their perfect worlds with a place for everything and everything in its place.

The soundtrack and lo-fi visuals combine to create some beautiful worlds for you to calmly explore. Make sure you play on peaceful mode though. Playing in survival mode brings out zombies, spiders, and the dreaded creepers when night falls. This is super stressful.


Water can be incredibly relaxing. Abzu takes place completely underwater and asks you to solve some simple puzzles to unlock new areas and explore the world beneath the waves.

There are plenty of undersea creatures to interact with. The best part of the game is there is no time limit to worry about or oxygen levels to replenish. There are no threats, and you cannot die. This ensures stress-free gaming. Simply swim through the underwater seascapes and enjoy the ocean life.

No Man’s Sky

When No Man’s Sky was announced it seemed very ambitious. The game contains a whole universe of planets and solar systems, and it feels like there is an infinite amount of space to explore.

Many hardcore gamers were unimpressed with the end product because there wasn’t much to do, but that is what makes this game so relaxing. Exploring an infinite number of worlds can be very chilled. There are some threats and resource management to take care of, but most of the game is about discovery and wonder.


This is another game that looks deceptively simple when you start playing but gradually becomes more complex and immersive. It is also a multiplayer game, where you can see other chilled-out gamers and interact with each other as you move towards the end goal of reaching a distant mountain.

Your character in the game wears a long robe that grows as you progress allowing you to fly a short distance. The robe grows even longer the further you go, letting you take bigger leaps towards your goal. The sound and graphics are clean and crisp and add to the relaxing, chillout vibe of the game.

It only takes one of these fine games to make the stress melt away and chill you out. Whatever type of gaming you enjoy, you can find it on this list. Why not try a few for yourself next time you need to relax and unwind.